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Skilled Smartphone Photographer Dmitry Markov Dead at 41

by Ikenna Ngere

On February 16, photographer Dmitry Markov passed away in Pskov, Russia. He was 41. Markov was among the most important photographers in contemporary Russia. He attempted to improve daily living in the many parts of the nation by volunteering in addition to documenting it.

Markov exhibited his works of art all over the world, including in New York and Paris. He participated in the iPhone 7 marketing campaign. For many years, his smartphone served as his main camera. In addition, Markov was a photojournalist for Takie Dela and Meduza.

Who was Dmitry Markov?

Markov was adored for being a wonderful person in addition to a gifted storyteller. After kicking his drug habit, he started volunteering and used his career achievements to help others. In the middle of the 2000s, Markov started collaborating with neighbourhood associations. He was born in Pushkino, close to Moscow, and later relocated to Pskov to work for Rostok, a nonprofit that facilitates the social integration of children with impairments.

Dmitry Markov

Professional photographer, Dmitry Markov

Instagram served as Markov’s primary outlet, and his smartphone served as his primary tool. He participated in Burn Diary, an American artist’s initiative, in 2013. Markov managed the same-named Instagram account for a week.

The project’s guidelines stated that only pictures shot with a phone could be shared, and even then, only on the same day. Markov used the identical guidelines to his own account. He asserted in an interview with Afisha Daily that a photographer using high-end gear is not as reliable as one using a smartphone.

It’s difficult to avoid seeing the choice as a conceptual gesture given that Markov uses social media and smartphones, which are instruments of demonstrative consumption, to portray a life that is as unglamorous as possible.

Check out some Dmitry Markov’s work below

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