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Globacom offers lavish rewards to its customers

by Ikenna Ngere

Globacom sculpts a billion pieces from the legend of the charitable business venture. Each statue depicts Africa’s telecommunications powerhouse with all of its dazzling behemoth and goodwill.

The Chairman Unlimited, the colossal company owned by billionaire magnate Dr. Michael Adenuga Jr., commands a commanding presence on the commercial landscape while also battling the challenges of trade.

Adenuga, the billionaire founder and chairman of Globacom, has led the company with sage advice and vision despite significant infrastructure challenges and covert limitations.

By simply navigating the trade winds and riding the storms, the business giant re-charts the blueprint of telecommunications in Nigeria, kind of like forging a new path and creating a new business culture.

Globacom is a powerful corporation whose dedication to conducting business with a humane face wins the hearts of its clients. It’s understandable why the company receives high praise and raving reviews both at home and abroad. It is undeniable that Globacom’s “Glo Festival of Joy promo” has once again demonstrated its capacity for excellence and compassionate corporate culture.

At a press conference in Lagos on November 1, 2022, the telecommunications and digital service provider announced the start of its end-of-year promotion known as Glo Festival of Joy. The telecoms giant gave away 20 homes, 24 new cars, 100 generators, 200 sewing machines, and 1,000 rechargeable fans as rewards to its devoted patrons through the promotion.

Voice and data subscribers only needed to dial the designated short code *611# and recharge between N3,000 and N15,000 (voice and data during the promo period) to participate in the promotion and be eligible to win the prizes offered. The likelihood of winning increases with the number of recharges.

To be eligible for the grand prize of 20 units of three-bedroom houses, subscribers must purchase at least N20,000 in data subscriptions during the promotional period.

“Empowerment is encoded in our DNA and this year we are set to empower thousands of Nigerians with prizes that will change their lives with a never-before-experienced promo,” said the telecom giant.

Globacom clearly dictates the pace, spirit, and tone of corporate telecoms under Adenuga’s watch. Adenuga has created his own universe that transcends telecommunications through Globacom. Whereas the industry limits identity through archaic expressions of presentation, correctness, and exclusivity, the billionaire magnate has created a new language of compassion and efficiency through visionary strategy and work ethic.

The Globacom venture serves as proof of how the billionaire magnate fully and confidently shows up in the world. It is Adenuga’s inspiringly strong sense of identity that enables his company’s unwavering excellence: purposeful technology reimagined for a more inventive future.

Adenuga had the idea to transform the elegant technology’s traditional verve into a national symbol and treasure that enhances the lives of the people it is meant to serve.

By introducing per-second billing, Globacom directly countered its major business rival’s insensitive initiative to impose exorbitant SIM card prices on Nigerian citizens.

What had previously been thought to be impractical became viable and had significant advantages for telecoms consumers in particular. In August, the company’s 19 years of revolutionary impact on the telecommunications sector noted that: “lucky subscribers who take part in our End of Year promo which will run from October 2022 to January 2023 will be eligible to win fantastic life-changing prizes.”

Lagos and other cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, Benin, Uyo, Calabar, Enugu, Ilorin, Jos, and Warri all held draws.

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