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Forgiveness key to successful marriage – Cleric

"Tell Your Story" program

by Tolulope Akinruli

In a recent radio event held in Abuja, Pastor Gift Lemuels, the host of the program “Tell Your Story,” emphasized the importance of forgiveness in ensuring a successful marriage. Lemuels, who is also the Pastor of Cloud Global Revival Ministry, stressed that marriage, being a divine institution, requires commitment from both partners to thrive. According to her, the ability to seek and grant forgiveness is crucial for marital satisfaction.

Additionally, Lemuels advised prospective couples to discern their purpose before entering into marriage to avoid potential regrets. She highlighted the misconception that finding love alone is sufficient for a lasting relationship, emphasizing the need for sustained effort and commitment.

Concerning divorce, especially in cases involving children, Lemuels urged couples to make every effort to resolve conflicts and reconcile for the sake of their children’s well-being. She emphasized the importance of communication and cooperation in addressing marital challenges.

Furthermore, Lemuels encouraged women to contribute financially to their marriages, stating that their involvement can alleviate the financial burden on men. She emphasized the importance of women adding value to the relationship and pursuing their aspirations.


The “Tell Your Story” program, according to Lemuels, aims to provide a platform for individuals to share their life experiences and stories, with the intention of inspiring and encouraging others. Through sharing personal stories, the program seeks to foster empathy, understanding, and support within communities.

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