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Finding Love in 2024

by Tolulope Akinruli

In our contemporary society, the pursuit of love has become an increasingly intricate endeavor. This stands in stark contrast to times past when single individuals, though with limited options, seemed to effortlessly find companionship. Oddly enough, despite the advent of social media, which one might assume would simplify the process, the opposite appears to be true, as captioned by entreprenuerng.com

Nevertheless, the innate human yearning for companionship remains a powerful driving force. The aspiration to find love is not a passive endeavor; it requires a deliberate and conscious effort. Unlike the days when love might find individuals in the market square or by the stream, today’s landscape demands a more proactive approach. Even with the convenience of technology and the vast array of potential connections online, finding a suitable partner remains a challenge.

Understanding oneself becomes a pivotal factor in this pursuit. While companionship is undoubtedly a valid desire, being alone is preferable to entering a partnership that adds more complexities to one’s life. Self-awareness, therefore, becomes a guiding light in identifying the kind of person one truly needs. Those who embark on the quest for love without a deep understanding of themselves run the risk of falling out of it after the initial allure fades away.

Acknowledging the desire for love is a powerful and transformative step. This acknowledgment is not just a personal revelation but is believed by some to be a signal to the universe, initiating a response to fulfill this heartfelt wish. In a way akin to the Red Car Theory, where noticing a red car seems to make red cars appear everywhere, acknowledging the pursuit of love heightens one’s awareness of potential opportunities.

Interestingly, societal stereotypes have emerged around the admission of seeking love. There’s a perception that openly expressing this desire may make an individual seem vulnerable, needy, or somehow less cool. In the quest to maintain an image of desirability, people often shy away from admitting their pursuit of love. However, confiding in close friends and family about this quest can prove to be advantageous. These trusted individuals, who know you well, may possess valuable insights into suitable matches without diminishing your perceived ‘coolness.’

Contrary to the conventional advice given to introverts, suggesting they change their lifestyle and attend social events, a more effective approach involves leveraging the power of social media. Rather than forcing oneself into uncomfortable social situations, introverts can utilize online platforms to create meaningful connections. Revamping profiles, highlighting interests, and engaging with others in a strategic and thoughtful manner can be more authentic and rewarding than attending events that may induce social anxiety.

Moreover, joining communities that align with personal passions, whether in sports, art, music, or other interests, provides an avenue not only to find oneself but also to potentially discover love. Connecting with like-minded individuals who share common interests enhances happiness and creates a conducive environment for meaningful relationships to blossom. Up



The pursuit of love in today’s complex societal landscape requires a multifaceted approach. It involves self-awareness, acknowledgment, and strategic engagement with the tools and communities available in our modern, interconnected world. By navigating this intricate path with intention and authenticity, individuals can increase their chances of not only finding companionship but also fostering genuine and meaningful connections.


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