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Biden joins TikTok ahead of 2024 election

by Akinruli Tolulope

US President Joe Biden made a notable entrance onto the social media scene by joining TikTok on Sunday, sharing a brief 26-second video. This move, albeit delayed, was significant given the platform’s popularity among younger demographics and its potential for political engagement. Despite previous criticisms of TikTok from various quarters of the US government, including the Biden administration itself, the President’s decision to join reflects a willingness to engage with a platform that has faced scrutiny over its ownership and alleged ties to Chinese interests.

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, has been a subject of contention within US political circles, with accusations ranging from being a conduit for Chinese propaganda to concerns about data privacy and security. Despite these allegations, TikTok has vehemently denied any involvement in such activities and has made efforts to distance itself from its Chinese ownership, including establishing separate corporate structures and appointing American executives.

In his inaugural TikTok video, President Biden approached the platform with a light-hearted tone, addressing topics ranging from politics to the NFL championship game. His willingness to engage with popular culture and humorously respond to questions about the Super Bowl and even entertain a conspiracy theory involving Taylor Swift demonstrates a savvy understanding of social media dynamics and an effort to connect with younger audiences.

The decision by several states and the federal government to ban it on official government devices underscores ongoing concerns about security risks associated with the platform. However, recent legal challenges, such as the case in Montana where a state government move to ban TikTok was blocked by a judge, suggest a nuanced approach to addressing these concerns. While the debate over it’s role in American society continues, it appears that the momentum for a blanket ban or severe restrictions on the platform may be waning.

David Greene, a civil liberties attorney, remarked that the initial push for a ban on TikTok may have been driven more by political posturing than genuine legislative efforts. As the dust settles, it remains a platform of interest for politicians seeking to engage with younger voters, particularly as elections approach. The President’s decision to join TikTok underscores its growing importance as a tool for political communication and outreach.


In conclusion, while this continues to navigate challenges related to its ownership, security, and regulatory scrutiny, its relevance in shaping political discourse and engaging with diverse audiences remains undeniable. As President Biden’s foray into TikTok demonstrates, politicians are increasingly recognizing the platform’s potential as a means of connecting with constituents and shaping public opinion in an evolving digital landscape.

Source: guardian.ng



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