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American Cartoonist Highlights Editorial Role

by Tolulope Akinruli

American Cartoonist, Brandon-Croft gained widespread recognition for her creation of the comic strip “Where I’m Coming From,” which enjoyed a successful 15-year stint appearing in over 65 newspapers across the United States, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, and Barbados. Her comic works have been preserved in the permanent collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.

A week-long speaker program, in collaboration with the Punch Media Foundation, was hosted at the American Corner Lekki, featuring Brandon-Croft engaging with Nigeria’s established and emerging cartoonists, journalists, comic artists, illustrators, caricaturists, animators, students, and professors of journalism and arts.

The program included workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, where Brandon-Croft and veteran Nigerian cartoonist Wale Adenuga discussed the significance of visual storytelling in shaping public opinion, emphasizing freedom of expression as crucial for vibrant democracy.

American Cartoonist

During a moderated interactive session, Brandon-Croft covered various topics including the creative process, visual storytelling, comic writing and drawing techniques, and strategies for gaining recognition and publication in national newspapers.

Julie McKay, the U.S. Consulate Public Affairs Officer, underscored the importance of cultural exchanges like Brandon-Croft’s visit to Nigeria in fostering mutual understanding and strengthening democratic institutions such as the media.


McKay reiterated the United States government’s commitment to promoting press freedom, highlighting the pivotal role of journalists and editorial cartoonists in upholding democracy by challenging critical thinking, shedding light on important issues, exposing injustices, and holding leaders accountable.

American Cartoonist

The editorial cartooning workshop exemplifies the U.S. Mission’s ongoing support for the Nigerian media, demonstrated through various training programs aimed at enhancing journalistic skills and reporting on significant topics such as health, elections, and the environment.

Source: Lagos, press USM

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