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A Look at Moody Nolan’s Innovative Athletic Facility for the Obama Presidential Center

by Ikenna Ngere
A Look at Moody Nolan's Innovative Athletic Facility for the Obama Presidential Center

Details on the new athletic, programme, and event space that will be built at the Obama Presidential Centre on Chicago’s South Side have been made public by the Obama Foundation.

Moody Nolan designed the building known as Home Court, which will be the campus’s main meeting area and a hub for wellness and community engagement initiatives. The arena is expected to open in late 2025, marking the first location on the Obama Presidential Centre site.

The brand-new 45,000 square foot complex has practice courts, training areas, adjustable seats, fitness equipment and a gymnasium with an NBA court of the proper size. The venue is set up to provide guests with a variety of experiences; it has sports grounds, event spaces, and even formal banquet sections. The goal of the facility is to become an important community asset by providing opportunities for everyone to engage in educational programmes and enhance their overall health and well-being.

Basketball and community development are two of President Obama’s personal passions, and they both inspired the new facility’s programme. The largest African American design firm in the country, Moody Nolan, created the facility’s design. Elevate Design Builders, an African American-owned construction management company with its headquarters located in Chicago, is building the complex.

The design of the Home Court is in line with the Foundation’s environmental objectives, and additional measures have been taken to guarantee that the large glass facades are equipped with bird protection measures. In order to better understand the needs of the young people in the community, local community organisations are also included in the programming development process. In order to make sure that young people in grades 3 through 12 are also included in the planning of the site’s activities, the Foundation also arranged focus groups with them.

The Obama Presidential Centre is a large site in Chicago, Illinois’s Jackson Park. The site will have both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as an auditorium, a café set around a public garden, a library, and a museum created by Todd Williams Billie Tsien Architects.

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