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Why students should learn/speak French language — Expert

by Tolulope Akinruli

Ngozi Eyo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nymph Language Academy (NLA) in Surulere, has emphasized the importance of enhancing the teaching of the French language in primary and secondary schools. In an interview with journalists in Lagos, he advocated for a more dynamic curriculum that focuses on achieving tangible results and relevance for students.

As the head of a Lagos-based institution specializing in French language education, Eyo highlighted the global advantages that proficiency in French can offer Nigerian students. She underscored the significance of French as both a working language and an official language in various international organizations and bodies, including the United Nations, European Union, and UNESCO.

Ngozi emphasized that a strong command of the French language is increasingly vital for individuals considering careers abroad, given its status as one of the UN languages. She stressed that exposure to French from an early age provides students with invaluable communication skills and opens doors to diverse learning opportunities.

While acknowledging the inclusion of French in the school curriculum, Eyo urged for intensified efforts in teaching the language, particularly at the primary school level. She highlighted the cognitive benefits of bilingualism, emphasizing how learning and speaking another language enhance mental acuity, memory, and facilitate cross-cultural communication.


French language

Eyo also advocated for the promotion of French language proficiency through inter-school competitions, citing the success of initiatives like the annual ‘Concours D’orthographe’ spelling bee competition. She noted the increasing participation of students from both private and public primary and secondary schools in Lagos, highlighting the growing interest and enthusiasm for French language learning among the youth.

Source: guardian.ng

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