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Ola Oladele: Women’s Strategic Career Path

by Akinruli Tolulope

Ola Oladele, a distinguished Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Charterholder, embarked on her illustrious career journey in the world of finance. Graduating with a degree in accounting from the University of Lagos, her professional narrative unfolds as she delves into the complexities of financial markets.

Commencing her career as a Naira dealer at Kakawa Discount House during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Oladele’s initial foray into the treasury set the stage for a career marked by significant achievements and milestones. Her expertise grew as she transitioned to trading money market and fixed income securities at FBNQuest Merchant Bank, where she later assumed the responsibility of managing the Balance Sheet.

The pinnacle of her corporate career was reached at Parthian Partners Limited, where she not only contributed as a member of the executive management team but also spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives. Notable among these accomplishments was the launch of Nigeria’s first Treasury bills investment app, a testament to her innovative approach to financial services. Successful commercial paper and bond issues further underscored her strategic prowess.

Not content to rest on her laurels, Oladele decided to embark on a new chapter by establishing OlerOladele.com, her own financial wellness company. Here, she founded the Money Wit Club, an exclusive investment community that facilitates personal finance workshops. This initiative not only showcases her commitment to financial education but also demonstrates her dedication to empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

Adding another dimension to her outreach, Oladele recently launched The Money Wit Show, a prime-time personal finance education radio show. This platform extends her influence across Nigeria and major podcast streaming platforms, reaching a broader audience with her valuable insights and expertise.

Beyond her entrepreneurial ventures, Oladele’s impact extends to academia. As a faculty member of Tekedia Mini MBA and Joseph Business School, Lagos, she imparts her knowledge to the next generation of business leaders.

Oladele’s influence in the financial sector is not confined to business endeavors. Her role as the pioneer Chair of the gender diversity committee of the CFA Society Nigeria reflects her commitment to promoting gender parity in the industry. Recognition for her efforts includes being listed as one of the top 100 career women in Nigeria in 2021 by ‘9to5 Chick’ and an alumnus of the Oxford Executive Leadership Programme.

In a recent interview, Oladele shares insights into her career journey, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy. She highlights her observations of intelligent individuals making avoidable money mistakes and the need for widespread financial education to address these issues.

What does financial wellness mean in your terms?

Ola Oladele: Financial wellness goes beyond accumulating wealth; it encompasses achieving stability and security to meet financial goals and tackle challenges. My holistic approach includes aspects like making money, investing, insurance, estate planning, and more.

Through the Money Wit Club, how are you driving your vision?

Ola Oladele: The Money Wit Club serves as a driving force behind my vision for financial education. While acknowledging the foundation of exchanging time for money, it underscores the significance of investing as the surest way to build wealth. The club provides valuable insights into various asset classes, investment strategies, and market trends, guiding members on their journey toward financial wellness.

In an economy where the dollar rise is significantly impacting on the naira currency, how are you championing your cause to reflect our current realities?

Ola Oladele: In the midst of economic uncertainties, particularly the impact of the rising dollar on the naira currency is to keep members informed about policies, interpreting their expected impact, and offering guidance on financial positioning, i.e to exemplify a proactive approach to economic fluctuations.

You are quite passionate about gender parity. What have been some of your activities in this line?

Ola Oladele: My passion for gender parity extends beyond financial literacy. I recognizes the unique financial challenges women face by addressing these through dedicated segments in my radio show, creating a platform for discussing and resolving these challenges.

Initiatives are created to ensure equal opportunities for both genders. Serving as the pioneer chair of the gender diversity committee at the CFA Society in Nigeria, I played a crucial role in setting up mentoring programs and initiatives that continue to support gender diversity in the financial services industry.

What do you consider bad investment or bad finance management?

Ola Oladele: Bad investment and finance management is an importance of risk awareness. For me, a bad investment is not solely about monetary loss but extends to the severe impact it can have on an individual, whether mentally, financially, or both. My definition of bad finance management includes common pitfalls like living beyond one’s means, lack of long-term planning, and inadequate consideration of factors beyond one’s control.

In your expertise, how can the nation drive financial inclusion and create social economic opportunities especially for women?

Ola Oladele: It provides insights into driving financial inclusion and creating socioeconomic opportunities, especially for women. I advocates for better policies, enhanced implementation, and partnerships between public and private institutions. Practical steps include promoting digital financial services, implementing financial literacy programs, supporting women entrepreneurs through microfinance institutions, and revising regulations to be gender-sensitive.

What advise do you have for women who struggle with getting a hold of their career?

Ola Oladele: To women struggling with their careers, my advice is rooted in intentionality and excellence. By encouragement, defining and actively pursuing career goals, positioning oneself for success, and negotiating for flexibilities one is recognized for excellence.

Conclusion: ola oladele

Ola Oladele’s life mantra, drawn from a verse in the Bible – ‘Seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto me’ – encapsulates her guiding principles. Her multifaceted career journey, commitment to financial education, and advocacy for gender diversity exemplify a holistic and impactful approach to the world of finance.

Source: The guardian

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