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Kemi Badenoch Arrives Nigeria

by Akinruli Tolulope

Kemi Badenoch, the Minister for Business and Trade from the United Kingdom, has commenced a three-day visit to Nigeria today, aiming to bolster the partnership between the UK and Nigeria.

As outlined by the British High Commission, the visit is poised to deepen collaboration between the two nations. During her stay, Minister Kemi Badenoch will engage in discussions with her Nigerian counterparts and other key government officials, focusing on areas of mutual interest and benefit for both countries.

This visit follows a previous official visit by James Cleverly, the former UK Foreign Secretary, last August, which laid the groundwork for ongoing talks on defense and security cooperation between the UK and Nigeria. Building upon these discussions and recent UK-Nigeria Security and Defence Talks, her visit aims to advance efforts to enhance the trade relationship between the UK and Nigeria and explore new avenues for investment.

Throughout her time in Nigeria, Minister Kemi Badenoch, alongside Helen Grant, the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Nigeria, will meet with representatives from the federal government, state governors, British and Nigerian business leaders, and investors. These meetings will delve into existing and potential investment and trade opportunities across various sectors, including education, infrastructure, and energy projects, with the potential to generate significant employment opportunities.

Minister Badenoch’s objectives include strengthening the partnership between the UK and Nigeria, addressing trade and investment barriers, fostering business growth between the two countries, and improving accessibility for Nigerian businesses seeking to engage with the British market.

Kemi Badenoch

Dr. Richard Montgomery, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, emphasized the importance of Nigeria as a key partner for the UK in Africa. He expressed the UK’s commitment to supporting Nigeria in unlocking new investment prospects, facilitating UK and international investment through initiatives such as the City of London, and ultimately contributing to job creation in both nations.

Dr. Montgomery also lauded recent reforms undertaken by the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Central Bank of Nigeria, which have bolstered investor confidence and created an environment conducive to economic growth and development.

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