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IFAD Helps 70,000 Benue Farmers: Director

by Akinruli Tolulope

The International Fund for Agricultural Development has been playing a pivotal role in the agricultural development of Benue state, as indicated by Mrs. Dede Ekoue, the Country Director of IFAD. In a recent statement, Mrs. Ekoue shared some remarkable insights into the organization’s efforts to bolster agricultural productivity and combat food security challenges in the region, farmers

According to Mrs. Ekoue, it support has reached a substantial 70,000 farmers in Benue state. This support is part of a comprehensive strategy to enhance agricultural productivity, addressing the critical issue of food security in the state. It’s worth noting that Benue, often referred to as the “Food Basket of Nigeria,” plays a pivotal role in the country’s food production. Therefore, initiatives like these have far-reaching implications for not only the state but also the entire nation.

The announcement was made during a significant event when Mrs. Ekoue led a delegation from IFAD on a courtesy visit to Governor Hyacinth Alia in Makurdi, the capital of Benue state. During this visit, Mrs. Ekoue underscored the positive outcomes of it’s intervention. One of the most notable achievements was the doubling of both cassava and rice cultivation and production in the state. This development undoubtedly signifies a significant step forward in enhancing the agricultural landscape and increasing the availability of these staple crops in Benue.

Furthermore, Mrs. Ekoue revealed that IFAD’s efforts have not only resulted in improved agricultural outcomes but have also positioned Benue on the global agricultural stage. The state received recognition as an agriculture champion during the prestigious 2023 United Nations Food Summit held in Rome, Italy. This recognition not only acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the farmers and stakeholders in Benue but also highlights the vital role IFAD has played in this remarkable journey towards agricultural excellence.

In response to these accomplishments, Governor Hyacinth Alia expressed his deep appreciation for IFAD’s significant impact in Benue state. In particular, he commended IFAD for its efforts in empowering the youth and women through agriculture. It’s a well-known fact that agriculture can be a powerful tool for economic empowerment, and IFAD’s initiatives have evidently harnessed this potential in the state.

Governor Alia also reiterated the commitment of the Benue state government to foster strong partnerships with development organizations like IFAD. He emphasized that the state government would continue to ensure the prompt payment of counterpart funding to support ongoing and future initiatives. Additionally, the governor pledged to create a conducive environment for development partners to flourish in the state. This commitment underscores the importance of collaboration and the collective effort required to drive sustainable agricultural development in Benue state.

Conclusion: IFAD

IFAD’s unwavering support and commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity in Benue state have yielded substantial benefits. Through their partnership with local farmers and the state government, it has not only doubled cassava and rice production but has also earned global recognition for the state’s agricultural achievements. These efforts not only address food security challenges but also empower the youth and women in agriculture, ultimately contributing to the overall development and prosperity of Benue state.

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