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Six Greatest Careers To Pursue To Get $500k Each Year

by Akinruli Tolulope

According to an Entrepreneurng report, making money in 2023 should be your greatest mindset but you need to work through it. Hard work brings success to your doorpost without stress.

Here are six jobs you should consider when you travel out:


1. Manager of Hedge Funds

Bond, stock, and other financial transactions are supervised by hedge fund managers. They collaborate with traders and market analysts to assist investors in making money. Whether security should be purchased or sold is decided by a hedge fund manager. $541,382 is the average yearly wage.

2. Neurosurgeon

Surgery involving brain problems is carried out by neurosurgeons. They may consist of benign tumors, aneurysms, or cysts. While some neurosurgeons specialize in treating exclusively children, others treat both sexes. $644,001 is the average yearly wage.

3. Gastroenterologist

The gastrointestinal systems are the focus of gastroenterologists. They identify and handle illnesses or issues with the pancreatic ducts, kidneys, gallbladder, liver, intestines, and stomach.

A gastroenterologist’s success can be attributed, in part, to how easily he can broach delicate subjects with his patients. $406,000 is the average yearly wage.

4. Cardiologist

Heart experts include cardiologists. Cardiovascular disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, and perfusion are their areas of expertise.

A cardiologist can also assist in managing angina, congestive heart failure, and other chronic diseases. $449,592 on average each year

5. Director of Finance (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is in charge of overseeing the company’s financial decisions, which include managing investments, financial alternatives, and debts.

You must have many years of financial experience and possess excellent analytical abilities to be a CFO. Average $393,337 in annual salary

6. Lawyer

Business attorneys earn substantial sums of money. They are in charge of contract negotiations, business acquisition concerns, and document drafting. After passing the qualification process, the work likewise doesn’t need much effort. The median pay for attorneys in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is listed below. The top 1% of business attorneys make at least $500k annually.

While their income is influenced by their location, areas of expertise, and level of experience, it also depends on the payment terms they have with their clients. These can be an hourly, flat, retainer, or contingent fees, which can give the lawyer 25–30% of any financial judgment or settlement. the average yearly wage of $127,990


It is feasible to earn $500,000 a year because numerous occupations in various industries pay that much. Working hard, putting out the necessary time and effort, and persevering in acquiring the required skill sets and expertise are the common denominators of this job.

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