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Six Facts About Canada That Outsiders Should Know

by Akinruli Tolulope

What springs to mind when you think about Canada? Unwavering courtesy comes to mind right away. Canadians frequently apologize even when they are not at fault in movies; this is a common theme, as captioned by Entrepreneurng report.

Here are some additional items that internet users believe to be attributes of Canada:

1. Having fun

They’ve all agreed that they’ve had a great time in Canada. It’s supposedly just like America, except with better employees. A pleasant experience is provided by the spotless subways, lovely parks, and interesting museums. One respondent recalls their happy moments, including their amusement at the odd potato chip flavors they encountered at the grocery store and their wonderment at the transparent dollar bills.

2. Intimate Tim’s

Many responses discuss the regrettable truth that Tim Horton’s, which was once a significant component of Canadian culture, is no longer what it once was. One commenter described how things turned out at the beginning of 2013. At the time, they were getting enough coffee, and they noticed the difference right away. It appears that Tim Hortons and McDonald’s switched coffee bean suppliers.

3. Free health care for all

The availability of universal healthcare in Canada is commendable in a world where one medical emergency can trigger a financial crisis. One respondent explains that rather than operating on a first-come, first-out basis, the system there use triage ads. Priority is given to those with more urgent issues. If 20 other individuals arrive at the emergency room before you, they may end up being treated first if their ailments are truly critical.

4. Hockey

The majority of people concur that hockey sticks are in Canadians’ hands from birth. Some suburban areas allegedly feature rinks in their neighborhood parks.

The greatest contribution of Canada to international sports is likely hockey. It serves as the nation’s official winter sport. The game bridges geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural divides and unites Canadians.

5. A Cold Climate

Another person claimed that whenever they heard the word “Canada,” they immediately thought of the three hours they had spent shivering in the cold.

“They say that the CBSA officers at the border decided to entertain themselves by asking for inaccessible documents.

They were unable to access the documents on their cell phones because there was no cell signal nearby. Detention was the outcome of this.”

6. Syrup of maple

Last but not least, several commenters mentioned how they identify Canada with maple syrup. Around 85% of the world’s maple syrup is produced in this nation. Massive sugar, crimson, and black maple trees line the forests.

Nevertheless, to produce an abundance of crystal-clear sap that turns into maple syrup, it has the ideal combination of warm spring days and chilly spring evenings.

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