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Top 5: Canadian Real Estate Apps for 2023

by Akinruli Tolulope

You may access property listings across Canada via real estate listing apps, which are online markets. The applications on our list are all equipped with robust search engines and cutting-edge search filters, as captioned by Entrepreneurng report.

Listed below are the top 5 websites:

1. Zoocasa

Zoocasa is a user-friendly app that, like Zolo, makes it simple to look for houses to buy or rent. They have various distinct filters for their search engine. I like that you can focus your search by selecting the essential features, such as a garage, pool, fireplace, or lakefront, that you want in a home. A list view or a map view are other options.

The option to look through listings for new buildings is another excellent feature. However, the advertised prices of many of those houses are simply estimates, such as in the high 500s or high 600s. The Zoocasa blog is an excellent source for market information on many Canadian towns and areas, as well as news on real estate and mortgages, free guides, and infographics.

2. Zolo

With more than 10 million users per month, Zolo is one of Canada’s most well-liked real estate apps. To find homes for sale or rent, you can use Zolo. As listings are updated every 15 minutes, you can be sure that you are obtaining the most recent search results.

The website for Zolo is uncluttered and neat. The lack of search tools or filters doesn’t imply anything though. With a Map or Gallery view, you can search and apply filters for things like price, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and home types. Activated open-house postings are even searchable.

3. Wikipedia Canada

The creators of Expedia and Hotwire.com created the US-based real estate marketplace Zillow in 2006. The business grew in Canada in 2019. Their homepage has a split screen so you can use both the map and list views at once.

Their search engine is simple to use and offers a wide variety of filters. The price, number of bedrooms or baths, kind of residence, amenities, etc. can all be used to narrow down your search for homes for sale or rent.

You can easily search for a real estate agent in your area using Zillow’s real estate agent directory. You may check each agent’s current listings and go through client evaluations in addition to their contact details.

4. Realtor.ca

The official app of the Canadian Real Estate Association and one of the country’s oldest online real estate marketplaces, Realtor.ca, is well known to many Canadians. You have the option of using the desktop app or downloading the mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

The volume of listings on Realtor.ca is its greatest asset; you may find current listings of residential and commercial properties all across Canada. In contrast to some of the other real estate apps on our list, I’m not a great admirer of their software, whether it be the desktop or mobile version. Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic place to begin your search for a new house.

5. HouseSigma

Similar to Zolo or Realtor.ca, but with a unique twist, is the real estate marketplace known as HouseSigma. With the help of an AI-powered home valuation tool from HouseSigma, you can enter an address and some basic information about a house and receive an automated home valuation in a matter of seconds. You’ll be provided with a range that includes low, mid, and high values.

This is ideal if you’re selling your home and want to know what you might be able to market it for or if you want to check prices on similar homes in your neighborhood. Real estate brokers can also benefit from having it.


You should only use real estate apps that you feel comfortable using. I wanted to put a few of the greatest apps at your disposal so you could try them out and figure out which one works the best, so I put them on the list above. Before starting the home-buying process, it is crucial to be well-prepared.

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