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New Update: NLC Plans a Strike As The CBN Instructs Banks To Collect Outdated Notes

by Akinruli Tolulope

Workers in the public sector are to go on a statewide strike starting next Wednesday, according to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), as captioned by Entrepreneurng report.

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Joe Ajaero, its president, issued the order yesterday in Abuja at a press conference. Additionally, he gave the affiliates instructions to prepare to picket Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) branches around the federation.

According to Ajaero, the ruling was issued as a result of the apex bank’s failure to provide Nigerians with access to cash by the end of a one-week deadline.

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Yet reputable CBN sources claimed Friday night that banks had been instructed to collect the old Naira notes they had deposited with the institution, guaranteeing that the nation will be flush with the currency by the end of the week. According to them, Labour wouldn’t need to take any action.

The NLC has urged the Federal Government to address the suffering being experienced by Nigerians as a result of issues with currency, petrol scarcity, and rising energy prices.

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The three were listed as some of the most contentious problems by the main labor organization’s Central Working Committee (CWC), according to a communiqué.

The communiqué specifically urged the government to act right away to ease the grave economic and social hardships that Nigerians are currently experiencing. It states: “CWC noted that the people have suffered greatly as a result of the Naira re-design policy’s inadequate execution.

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In light of this, CWC decided to give the government seven working days, starting on March 14, to make Naira notes available; otherwise, Congress will be forced to order its members to stop providing services.

“Similarly, the CWC-in-session expressed shock at the government’s and NNPC’s lax attitude after assessing the nation’s fuel supply crisis and the arbitrary prices at filling stations. It decided to ask the NNPC/FGN to normalize the fuel supply situation as a result.”

In conclusion, the covert hike in electricity prices without warning or an improvement in service quality outraged the CWC. CWC decided that going forward, any covert rise will be handled with the proper response.

Source: The Guardian 

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