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Micheal Onyemah expresses commitment to empowering entrepreneurs

by Ikenna Ngere

Micheal Onyemah, the chief executive officer of Mykmary Fashion House, has stated his commitment to empowering business owners in the fashion sector.

During a news conference on Friday at his office in Lagos, he made this assurance.

He said, “It takes more than just creativity and passion to succeed as a fashion entrepreneur.

“It requires a solid understanding of business principles and strategies that can help drive sales and grow a successful fashion business.”

Onyemah claimed that in order to close this gap, he founded an online school of fashion business with the mission of equipping fashion entrepreneurs with the know-how and abilities required to manage successful fashion firms.

He added, “By equipping these entrepreneurs with business skills, they can turn their passion into a profitable venture.”

Onyemah pointed out that a consistent flow of clients was essential for sustaining a fashion business over time.

He said, “This necessitates a focus on brand development, cultivating loyal customers, and consistent marketing and selling of your services and products.

“Sewing is a valuable skill, but it is not enough to make a profitable business.”

He believed that the capacity to promote and market products and services was what brought in money and was essential for building a long-lasting company.

He emphasized the necessity of providing fashion business owners with the tools and knowledge they need to boost sales, boost revenue, and get their companies off to a flying start.

He stated that the objective was to make sure that owners of fashion businesses could automate their sales and increase business earnings, allowing them to manage a firm that could support their desired way of life.

“However, many of these entrepreneurs have the skills but they often lack the necessary business acumen to succeed in the industry,” he said.

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