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How To Obtain Free Visa Gift Cards In 2023: 5 Simple Methods

by Akinruli Tolulope

According to an Entrepreneurng report, a fantastic approach to purchasing the goods you need without spending your own money is to get gift cards. This is particularly true if you possess a universal cash gift card, such as a Visa gift card, which may be used in almost any place.

Finding the ideal locations to maximize your time might be challenging because so many establishments offer Visa gift cards as a reward.

The top 5 websites in 2023 for earning free Visa gift cards will be examined in this post:

1. Tellwut

While Tellwut operates similarly to the majority of other GPT sites, there are some key distinctions between the two.

The platform includes features built-in to assist users in creating their market research materials they may share with other users. The user can earn 5–15 points by completing these brief internal polls, which often cover a wide range of topics.

Your thoughts on partner organizations’ and enterprises’ products and services are sought after by the external polls on Tellwut. Depending on their difficulty, superior earning chances range in value from 25 to 2,000 points.

2. Mistplay

To play games that award points, you can use the Android-only software Mistplay. Bingo, Super Mario Run, Solitaire, Pokemon Go, Fruit Ninja, Chess, and a host of other games are available on the app, which can be downloaded for free.

Units are earned through playing the games. $5 can be obtained as a gift card when 1,500 units are redeemed. You can choose among gift cards from Amazon or other online merchants, or you can acquire cash using a virtual Visa card. Playing Mistplay games can reward a motivated player about $40 per month.

3. TopCashback

With almost 3,000 well-known businesses as partners, TopCashback is a cashback site. When you make purchases through the company’s platform, they receive commissions, and as payment, they split a portion with you.

Get a free Visa gift card coupon now using a simple platform. If you want to shop online, just click on the website after checking out the participating retailers’ offerings. There is an opportunity for higher income; the highest earners make about $345 per year.

4. Branded survey

Given the name, it shouldn’t be surprising that Branded Surveys concentrates on completing brief surveys to gain points. Today, the US, UK, and Canada offer access to this site.

Basic information and a profile must be filled out when you sign up as a member. To match you with the relevant surveys and interests, we use the information you supply. This keeps you from getting bored and lowers the possibility that you’ll be removed from a survey once you’ve begun.

Branded Surveys participants can earn up to 300 points for each survey they take, and there are sporadic surveys that pay more. 100 points equals $1 in conversion. 500 points or $5 is the required minimum redemption.

5. Nielsen computer and mobile panel

The well-known market research firm Nielsen offers incentives to customers who download its mobile or desktop application.

Nielsen will compensate you for the data you share with them through this background-running software. This includes how long you talk on the phone and how many texts you send. They sell this information to other businesses.

It’s significant to stress that all information is anonymous and that no personal data is disclosed. This is a chance for passive income. You can anticipate making about $50 a year. There are no limitations on the number of devices you can utilize if you install the app on more than one.


As you can see, a variety of websites provide free Visa gift cards as a payment method. All ten of the following websites are legitimate and cost nothing to sign up for.

A full-time or part-time job cannot be replaced by working on these sites. Yet, they’re a terrific opportunity to earn some extra money from the convenience of your home with little work.

Signing up for various platforms and being active on them makes sense if you want to optimize your earning potential. Numerous users find it simple to manage 5-7 platforms without getting overwhelmed by the surveys and other responsibilities. So get on track and win big.

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