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NOW AVAILABLE: “The Economics of Leadership” by Dr. Austin Nweze

by Entrepreneurng

For Years Dr. Austin Nweze published Successful people magazine, the first Nigerian magazine focused on the promotion of entrepreneurship, which contributed to the recent interest and attention being given to the subject and sector by the government, universities, NGOs, and the private sector.

For over 15 years he consulted for corporate organizations and government establishments in the areas of management, finance, marketing strategy, and performance acculturation. He is a commentator of the National issue, economy, and business in the print and electronic media and the founding president of Association od outsor=ourcing Practitioners of Nigeria (AOPN). He teaches Business Journalism and Economic and Business Environment at the School of Media and Communication (SMC), Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria and the Principal Consultant, Bellwether Consulting also the principal of Entrepreneurng.com.

The world has changed, so must our standards of leadership. National economies are growing at slower rates than they were five years ago, income inequality is steadily widening, and globalization has made traditional isolationist approaches outdated. Our leaders cannot afford to accept the status quo and hope for better results but must embrace the reality that our world is globally connected and increasingly interdependent. As future recipients of the world stage, our generation challenges current global leaders to ensure that they leave the world better than they found it.

“The Economics of Leadership” by him (Dr. Austin Nweze) is a book every entrepreneur that is aiming toward becoming successful in the market economy and leadership must read.

“The Economics Of Leadership” is available both in PDF and hard copy for download.

Send us a message using the comment box with your email address. The book will be emailed to you in less than 24hrs.

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